AOUON N.C. Organizer, Comrade Brian Rashad Wiley Killed

All of Us or None is sad to share that AOUON North Carolina Organizer Brian “BDubb” Wiley was killed in Durham, N.C. on Sunday, July 15, 2018. Brother Wiley passed a year after fellow AOUON NC Organizer Umar Muhammad was killed in a traffic accident.

AOUON NC Organizers Brian “BDubb” Wiley, Andraé “Muffin” Hudson, and Umar Muhammad tabling at a community event in Durham, N.C.

LSPC Executive Director and AOUON co-founder Dorsey Nunn:

We should have the expectation that we can survive freedom more than we can survive prison. 

It’s troubling to me that we lost two organizers in North Carolina in a year. 
It’s troubling to me to look a picture of people doing tabling for All of Us or None, and two of the three people have died. 
And both were under the age of 35. 

For some people, AOUON is where you can register your objection to how you’ve been treated. An opportunity to turn a bad experience into good. Brian Wiley and Umar Muhammad were trying to make a demand for justice, and they died before we could achieve it for them.
Brian died almost a year to the day Umar died.

Sometimes I think God has an odd sense of humor. Us older organizers are training youth leaders to carry on the movement, yet some of youngsters are gone and we’re still getting older. So we might have a plan, but God might have a different one. It’s hard. 

All of Us or None contributed towards Brian’s funeral expenses. And we’ll continue to train and support organizers across the country. Because we have to. We have to take up the work left unfinished by those who pass before their time. We have to change the expectation from “We won’t make it past 35” to “We will live beyond 50.” We have heavy hearts, but Brian, Umar, and all who have gone on before had high expectations. And so we must continue the fight for our civil and human rights for ourselves, for our family members, and our communities.

A memorial fund has been set up to help the family in this time of tragedy.
Rest in Power, Comrade.