Support for Lifer Families & the Hunger Strikers

all-or-0In California, one in 5 of our 186,000 prisoners is sentenced to life in prison; nationally, 10% of people in prison are serving life-term sentences. The passage of Proposition 9 in 2008 changed parole laws dramatically for California prisoners severely restricting the likelihood of parole.  All of Us or None has held informational Townhalls for Lifer families struggling for the release of their loved ones on parole.

With LSPC, All of Us or None has also built a statewide coalition to support people being shu_cellheld in solitary confinement or Secure Housing Units (SHUs) in California prisons. The coalition came in response to a state-wide hunger strike held in 2011 by thousands of people being held in the SHU.  The strikers have 5 core human rights demands, including an end to long-term indefinite solitary confinement, an end to the gang validation process, and basic human rights demands like access to natural sunlight.  

LSPC and the Center for Constitutional Rights are assisting people inside Pelican Bay with a lawsuit challenging CDCR’s gang validation process and SHU sentencing. In September 2012, hungerstrike representatives from Pelican Bay SHU called for peace and an end to hostilities throughout the California prison system.

For more information about LSPC support for people inside California’s Secure Housing Units, contact staff attorney, Carol Strickman (