2019 LSPC Legislative Platform

Although we support a large number of bills each year, these are the bills we sponsor or co-sponsor as an organization

Voting Restoration Bill(ACA 6) / (AB 646) – Provides the restored right to vote to folks who are currently on parole. This is part of a broader strategy to re-enfranchise men and women who are currently in prison as well.

Jury Service Bill– (AB 310) Change the treatment of people with felony convictions who are permanently barred from serving on a jury to allow them to serve on juries.

Parole Credits Bill(AB 277) Support folks who are on parole to shorten their parole period and other accommodations to make it easier for them to work and travel.

Sentencing Reform Bill– (SB 136) Eliminates the 1-year enhancement for prior felonies that is part of the stacking of enhancements that leads to bad plea deals and excessive incarceration.

Food Insecurity Bill– (AB 942) Provides elderly, disabled and homeless people access to hot and prepared meals using their food assistance benefits (food stamps) from a restaurant or food counter everywhere in CA instead of only in the 10 of the 58 counties this is available now.

Fine and Fees Bill: (SB 144) Removes eligible criminal justice administrative fees for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated people to address the additional financial burdens resulting from prosecution and incarceration in an effort to reduce the wealth stealing experienced by low-income and communities of color who are disproportionately impacted by the criminal legal system.

Childcare and Hospice Care Bill-  (AB 1608) Research has shown that the group most negatively impacted by criminal convictions, mostly drug offenses, that bar them to work in areas they most often are represented in are African-American women who work as childcare providers, home health aides and other forms of hospice care. This bill allows them to work in the area by obtaining needed licenses and certifications.

Immigration and Corrections Bill- (AB 1282) This bill prohibits the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) from facilitating or allowing private security guards to detain, take custody of or arrest individuals for immigration enforcement purposes.

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