Family UNIty Network Bus Trip to Pelican Bay State Prison

Support Families Visiting Incarcerated Loved Ones

Next Trip: Mid December, 2016 or Early January, 2017
Close contact with loved ones is a vital part of supporting prisoner’s well-being and rehabilitation. However, due to logistic and financial barriers of travel, many families are unable to make regular visits to their incarcerated loved ones.
family-unity-networkSince 2012, Dolores Canales and the Family UNIty Network have been organizing periodic visits to Pelican Bay State Prison for families from all over California. Hundreds of people have been able to see their families, some for the first time in many years.
img_2241The program subsidizes bus transportation with pick ups in Southern California and the Bay Area,as well as lodging and meals. We provide logistical support for prison visits and have also been able to take the children to visit the Crescent City aquarium.
Your support is vital to the success of this amazing program. Without these trips, many families would be unable to ever visit their incarcerated loved ones.
The baseline cost of each weekend trip is $7000 which covers bus ($5000) and hotel ($2000). All of your donations go directly to supporting the families and children. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to subsidize additional meals and activities, build our infrastructure and plan ahead for future visits.

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