Ban the Box Campaign Tool Kit

All of Us or None started our Ban the Box campaign after a series of Peace and Justice Community Summits all over California.  At the summits, formerly-incarcerated people and our families identified our needs and the discrimination we face every day because of our records. We also identified a host of solutions, which we are organizing to win.  Our Ban the Box campaign is one of those solutions, because it confronts the structural discrimination formerly-incarcerated people face in so many areas of life.  Most of the documents here relate to employment rights and the development of our campaign to eliminate discrimination in public employment. You can adapt them to your needs.

Overview of Ban the Box Organizing in California: A recap of Ban the Box campaign history in various jurisdictions in California.

Ban The Box in Employment: A Grassroots History (2016): Includes history of the campaign, needs assessment, case studies, best practices, and evaluations.

Best Practices- Hiring Procedures in Public Employment: Details fair hiring practices recommended by All of Us or None.

NELP: Ban The Box / Fair-Chance Employment Guide (2016): U.S. Cities, Counties, and States Adopt Fair-Chance Policies to Advance Employment Opportunities for People with Past Convictions.

Sample Resolution from San Francisco Board of Supervisors: Example of non-binding resolution for governing bodies.

Sample Employment Application from Boston, MA: Employment application reflecting non-discriminatory practices

Policy Review Questions for Department of Human Resources: Questions to ask during initial investigation into existing procedures

City of Minneapolis Conviction Summary: Evaluation document from Minneapolis Department of Human Resources

San Francisco Reentry Council Proposal: A proposal detailing anti-discrimination amendments to the Police and Administrative Codes, applying anti-discrimination guidelines to all employment and housing in San Francisco.

City of Portland (OR) Ban the Box Ordinance Documents:
Sample of the notification employers have to give people who “fail” the background check after the conditional job offer
“Criminal History Matrix” to help employers evaluate the applicant’s conviction history to see if it’s relevant / applicable to the job.

Sample endorsement materials including: Endorsement form and endorsement letter for supporting organizations.