All of Us or None

All of Us or None is a grassroots civil and human rights organization fighting for the rights of formerly- and currently- incarcerated people and our families.  We are fighting against the discrimination that people face every day because of arrest or conviction history.  The goal of All of Us or None is to strengthen the voices of people most affected by mass incarceration and the growth of the prison-industrial complex. Through our grassroots organizing, we are building a powerful political movement to win full restoration of our human and civil rights. Learn more about us by watching our videos Locked Up, Locked Out and Enough is Enough or check out our newspaper.

Visit these pages to find out about the issues we’ve been organizing around:

  • AOUON Membership – Join us as we organize local chapters across the country.
  • Ban the Box – This campaign calls for removing the question and check box, “Have you been convicted by a court?” from applications for employment, housing, public benefits, insurance, loans and other services.
  • Voting Rights for All – We focus on voter education and voter registration so formerly incarcerated people and people in jail will know what their voting rights are.
  • Clean Slate – We work with legal advocates and service providers to aid people with certain criminal conviction records to get those records dismissed and to apply for pardons and certificates of rehabilitation.
  • Response to Realignment – In response to changes in California’s criminal justice policies over the past few years, aka “Realignment,” we organize campaigns to stop jail expansion and support alternative proposals and visions for public safety
  • Oppose Gang Injunctions and Gang Databases – In Oakland, All of Us or None worked with other community organizations to win modifications in current injunctions and a moratorium against any new injunctions.
  • The Annual Community Giveback – Each December AOUON members in the SF Bay Area organize this festive holiday event to present brand new bicycles and stuffed toys to children who have parents who are locked up in CA prisons.

PDF files to print your own AOUON brochures (8.5″ x 14″):