Justice Journals

The LSPC Justice Journal publishes photos, analysis and articles on our movement building work. Each one has updates on the Family Unity Project and All of Us or None, as well as the latest on policy work, our internship program and organizing campaigns. It is published annually. If you’d like to get our monthly e-newsletter, please sign up in the box to receive action alerts on the home page.

2018 Justice Journal

Includes a welcome to the new Freedom & Movement Center, a review of our legal legacy, our Fines & Fees / Economic Justice work, Clean Slate Clinics, the collateral consequences of incarceration, All of Us or None community organizing, national organizing, AOUON’s Community Giveback, Quest for Democracy / Policy Advocacy, Voting Rights & Felony Disenfranchisement, Family Unity Project, our fabulous Donors, and our 2018 Elder Freeman Policy Fellows.

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2017 Justice Journal

Includes SHU Lawsuit Victories and Challenges, update on our Fines & Fees work (including ending of suspension of drivers licenses for inability to pay), Lifelines Leadership Classes, inaugural Elder Freeman Policy Fellowship program, FICPFM National Conference, Policy Advocacy, our fabulous Donors, Reflections from a departing long-term staff member, and our Intern Program.

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2016 Justice Journal

Includes FICPFM National Conference invite, Court Fines & Fees work, Disability Lawsuit, Solitary Confinement Lawsuit Settlement, Dorsey Nunn Sabbatical, New Program Manager, Community Engagement, announcing Policy Fellowships, Family Unity Project update, Honoring photographer/activist Scott Braley, Donors, Intern Program.

2015 Justice Journal

Includes major voting rights victory Scott et al v. Bowen, policy academies for youth, “Reproductive Justice Must Include All Family Members,” by Hamdiya Cooks-Abdullah and “Crime and Violence Scapegoating,” by Manuel La Fontaine

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2014 Justice Journal Includes All Of Us Or None article on the importance of language in the formerly incarcerated movement, letter from SHU survivor Gabriel Reyes after his first contact visit with his daughters in 18 years, and “Are We Truly Citizens?” by Dorsey Nunn.

2013 Justice Journal Includes the Fair Chance Ban the Box pledge for nonprofits and the first annual Quest for Democracy

2012 Justice Journal (Fall)  Includes anti-shackling legislative victory, Realignment work, Ban the Box and the All of Us or None delegation to Pennsylvania to work on voting rights

2012 Justice Journal (Summer) Includes article about domestic violence survivor released from prison through the Habeas Project, LSPC’s voting rights lawsuit, and Oakland street theater “Putting the Injustice System on Trial.”

2011 Justice Journal Includes “Celebrating Freedom for Lifers,” LSPC sponsored Michelle Alexander speaking engagements, the 2011 CA prisoner’s hunger strike, and awards for the Habeas Project and the Ban the Box campaign

2010 Justice Journal Includes article on Ban the Box going national, LSPC sponsoring an anti-shackling bill, older prisoner campaign, and All of Us or None attending the 2010 US Social Forum.