Webinar: Parole After SHU

This presentation will provide parole attorneys with information to inform their representation of lifers coming up for parole. The focus is on lifers who are gang-validated and have been housed in the SHU (security housing units) because of it. Although CDCR has transferred over 2500 people from SHU to general population, these prisoners are not being paroled when they come before the parole commissioners. The speakers provide important background information and relevant case law, as well as pitfalls to avoid and pointers to help practitioners get their client a parole date. The speakers include two highly experienced parole attorneys, an attorney who litigated the class action case Ashker v. Governor, and a Soros Justice Fellow who experienced incarceration in SHU first hand.

For CLE credit, see the LAAC Training website.

NEW: Parole After SHU Community Panel!

Panelists re-presented the info to the Bay Area community, specifically to people with family members currently in or recently released from SHU to General Population.


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