LSPC Staff Attorney Eva DeLair (left) assists/informs/directs volunteers at a Clean Slate Clinic in Fresno, CA.

LSPC organizes and provides legal trainings upon request to California legal services offices on issues affecting incarcerated people and their families, and formerly-incarcerated people. Topics include: policy advocacy, clean slate remedies, challenging fines and fees, visiting and family rights, civil rights and criminal justice policy, conditions of confinement and re-entry issues. In addition to trainings conducted by our staff attorneys, LSPC offers trainings facilitated by paralegals and other staff who are formerly-incarcerated to provide culturally-competent legal support to service centers working with people impacted by the prison system.

Many of our trainings are available to other attorneys, service providers and family members.  Our live webinars are often distributed through LAAC (Legal Aid Association of California) and are stored for later viewing on its website.  Other trainings are presented at State Bar Conferences, such as the Beyond the Bench Conference.

Here are some of our recent trainings:

Re-Entry Roundup: New Laws in 2018, 3/21/18: Two hour webinar featuring a variety of speakers describing successful 2017 California legislation in the reentry area.  Topics include: Ban the Box, Immigration, Clean Slate Laws, Fines and Fees, Three-tiered Sex offense Registry. Available on LAAC website.

Representing Former Prisoners with SSI Applications, 2/6/18: One hour webinar on the mental health-related requirements for disability benefits eligibility.  Particular focus on assisting prisoners who have been adversely impacted by solitary confinement and transgender prisoners who have been traumatized by their prison experience.  Available on LAAC website.

Dependency Court: Reuniting Incarcerated Parents With Their Children, 1/19/18: California Public Defenders Association Annual Juvenile Defense Seminar – Dependency.

From Protest to Policy: Transforming a Grassroots Anti-Discrimination Movement into State Law, 12/11/17: This presentation described the history of the Ban the Box Movement, and how it culminated in a successful statewide campaign in 2017 to enact AB 1008, which now prohibits blanket discrimination in hiring practices against people with conviction histories.  Available on LAAC website.

Conquering Court Debt: Arguing “Ability to Pay” in Traffic Court, 10/16/17: This webinar provides a framework for understanding the harmful impact of traffic court fines and fees on low income infraction defendants. It will explains the newly created “ability to pay” court rules, discusses new state laws relating to license suspension, provides information on county traffic court practices, and provides model forms and practical tips for advocates to assist indigent traffic defendants in traffic court. Available on the LAAC website.

Parole After SHU [solitary confinement], 4/11/17, 7/15/17 and 10/7/17: These presentations address the challenges facing prisoners who spent many years in solitary confinement due to their gang-validation as they seek parole.  The April presentation is available on the LAAC webinar. The October presentation was presented at a community event in Oakland and is available for viewing here.

How to Organize a One-Day Record Clearance Clinic, 8/11/17: Practicing Law Institute Re-Entry Conference.