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LettersLSPC has initiated the Take Two campaign to support our ongoing efforts asking President Obama to issue an executive order that will require private contractors doing business with the federal government to “Ban the Box” on employment applications. The goal is to have 2,000 letters from people incarcerated in California prisons sent to President Obama by December 1st.

Click here for a template letter you can send to California incarcerated people.


Essie Justice Group, a new, fierce organization of women with incarcerated loved ones, is one of the 10 finalists in the Google Impact Challenge: Bay Area. Right now they need our help.

Essie Video

Essie now has opportunity to win $500,000 to create an important women’s advocacy network in the CA Bay Area.  

PLEASE VOTE NOW: Will you vote for them and help them take their work to the next level?

We are endorsing  Essie Justice Group in the Google Impact Challenge and want them to win not only because they’re part of our family—we have been partnering with them since they were founded in May of 2014, but because we think that they’re doing important and much needed work.

Essie has a powerful mission: They want to build a movement to empower women with incarcerated loved ones. They want to break the cycles of pain, isolation and poverty that many women experience and struggle through in silence, burdened by shame and social stigma.

Click on this link to vote for Essie. Come October 20, the top four organizations will each win a $500,000 grant from Google. With your support, Essie could be one of the four!

Finally, we are happy to announce that we are partnering with Essie in a new campaign – #StandWithHer to end mass incarceration. Please visit our brand new #StandWithHer website and join the movement to end mass incarceration and support women and families with loved ones behind bars.

Thank you for supporting!


Ban the Box logoPlease write to President Obama and let him know you support an executive order to Ban the Box for federal contractors.
(Posted Oct. 24, 2014)

Please consider personalizing the template letter below by adding a sentence or two at the beginning with your own thoughts and feelings about the need to extend Ban the Box protections for formerly incarcerated people. We also encourage you to add a line at the end asking them to let you know what is being done to secure this. You can snail mail it to him, or click here to submit it via email.



President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear President Obama,

I am writing to ask you to issue an Executive Order to Ban the Box for all federal contractors, removing the conviction history question from federal contractor job applications. In order for the Box to be Banned by federal contractors, our government must take the moral and practical lead.

Please also issue a Presidential Memorandum directing the Office of Personnel Management and other federal agencies to make the necessary adjustments to federal hiring procedures and practices, in alignment with Ban the Box best practices.

Ban the Box best practices include delaying or eliminating questions about conviction history, transparency around conducting and results of background tests, an appeal process, complying with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), maintenance of FCRA records, and appropriate sanctions for non-compliance.

In addition, we ask that these changes be announced at a national strategy session organized by Formerly Incarcerated People and their community. Formerly Incarcerated People must own their own civil and human rights struggle. Imagine if this struggle was being waged by women or farmworkers – it would be inconceivable to make major policy announcements without directly addressing the impacted group.

An Executive Order banning the box on federal contractor employment applications, supported by a Presidential Memorandum and announced at a national strategy session organized by formerly incarcerated people, would demonstrate to the marginalized population that our voices are genuinely heard, and that we do have some fundamental access to U.S. democracy.


[City and State]


Attend the Feb. 11, 2014 legislative hearing to support California Hunger Strikers.

California-prisoner-hunger-strike-solidarity-drawing-by-Rashid-Johnson-Red-Onion-Prison-VaThis hearing will focus on the new Gang Management Policy of the Department of Corrections. Please save the date and invite your friends and families to join us at this important event. If you’d like to go & want carpool information, RSVP with Californians United for a Responsible Budget.

For the latest updates and to connect with organizing for the day, check out the event page on Facebook.

Whether or not you are able to go to the hearing, please urge your legislators to go. You can find contact information for  legislators representing your area here.

Let Senator Loni Hancock and Assembly Member Tom Ammiano know you want them to visit Pelican Bay. So far Hancock and Ammiano, who have enacted several Public Safety Committee hearings on the issue, have been our best legislative allies in the struggle to meet the 5 demands of the hunger strikers. Please write to thank them, and encourage them to push for going to Pelican Bay to speak directly with the Short Corridor Collective hunger strike organizers, rather than going through mediators.

Senator Loni Hancock

whole crowd_clearest photo

Hunger striker supporters (including LSPC staff Dorsey Nunn, Azadeh Zohrabi, Manuel La Fontaine and Carol Strickman) at California state capitol for Oct. 9, 2013 hearing. Be there Feb. 11, 2014 to join the growing movement for an end to the torture of solitary confinement!

1515 Clay Street, Suite 2202
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone: (510) 286-1333

Assembly Member Tom Ammiano

455 Golden Gate Avenue
Suite 14300
San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone: (415) 557-3013

For more information on LSPC’s work to support hunger strikers, check out our “Supporting Hunger Strikers” page.

To get more involved, please go to the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition website.