Willard “Ali” Birts

All of Us or None

Ban the Box, Reentry, Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy, Public Speaking.

Email: willard[at]prisonerswithchildren.org
Phone: 415.255.7036 ex.308


Ali, a longtime All of Us or None member, became an AOUON Organizer in July, 2018. After spending 38 years in jail and prison, Ali participated in Project ReMADE at the Stanford Criminal Justice Center and developed his own mobile auto detailing business. Because of his conviction history, Ali has worked many “fix it” jobs over his life, resulting is an incredible array of practical skills. As an AOUON Organizer, Ali enjoys engaging with all types of people and educating them about all our rights. 

Works featured in:
Olivia Solon, ‘Digital shackles’: the unexpected cruelty of ankle monitorsThe Guardian. Aug. 28, 2018.