Paul B.

2019 “Elder” Freeman Policy Fellow

Community Organizing, Policy Advocacy.

Email: paulb[at]
Phone: 415.361.4637


Paul was raised in the Bayview-Hunters Point district of San Francisco, a community that has seen its fair share of social problems over the years. Paul says, “I come from an underprivileged background yet have been blessed with the opportunity to take numerous courses at San Francisco State University and, more recently, at UC Berkeley. Viewing community outcomes from a sociological lens has equipped me with the tools and perspectives to understand how social programs, public policy laws, and monetary allocations create these community distinctions. I will work to understand the individual as a product of social and institutional environments and recognize the needs for individuals to navigate the social and institutional environment that they find themselves in.” 

Paul has always had an inherent desire to help and provide service. In his time at UC Berkeley, Paul has engaged in the kind of activism that has allowed him to put the knowledge gained from both life experiences and studies to practical use: “My academic work has equipped me with the tools to understand the ‘why,’ I am now seeking the incubator that will allow me to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to implement change, and I’m positive this Policy Fellowship represents the ‘how.’” 

Paul states: “ LSPC provides the formal training to eradicate racial and social inequality, all while providing a voice for the members of society who are not able to effectively represent themselves. Moreover, it will provide the opportunity to do necessary work on a greater platform to achieve and enforce change. My goal is to utilize the inside knowledge of institutions and systems currently in place to help people from marginalized groups. I am committed to providing a service to the overlooked and ostracized members of our society who have been affected by social forces.”