Carol Strickman

Senior Staff Attorney

Prison & jail conditions and remedies, Family law issues for incarcerated and re-entering parents, California criminal law & appeals, Solitary confinement, Gang injunctions, Organizing CLEs

Phone: 415.625.7043

Carol has been practicing law for over 40 years, having received her law degree from U.C. Berkeley in 1977.  After a decade with a community-based law office in East Oakland, and two decades in solo practice handing indigent criminal appeals, Carol joined LSPC in 2008. Her criminal defense, family law, and police misconduct litigation has been put to good use, as LSPC works on a policy level in all of these areas. Carol’s current work at LSPC is centered in our Family Unity Project, which advocates for the release of prisoners and their reunification with their families. In recent years, her work has focused on our class action lawsuit to end prolonged solitary confinement in California. She is an active member of the litigation team, working with the Center for Constitutional Rights and other attorneys. She also represents LSPC in the activist coalition which continues to support the many prisoners who were released to general population as a result of the settlement and regulatory reforms. Carol also teaches family law as part of LSPC’s “Lifelines” class for women in California’s prisons and jails.

Solitary Confinement – Parole After SHU – webinar and two live presentations in 2017: July 15 (Fullerton) and October 7 (Oakland)

Family Unity – “Gender and Incarceration—Family Relationships and the Right to Be a Parent”, Western New England Law Review, Volume 29, Number 3, page 401-426, 2017

LSPC manuals:
Child Custody and Visitation Rights Manuals
Transportation to Court
What to Plan For When You Are Pregnant at CIW

LSPC reports:
No More Shackles II (2017)
No More Shackles (2014)
Stop Shackling (2010)
A Cage Within a Cage (2012)
California Mother-Infant Programs: An Investigation (2010)

Notable Litigation:
Ashker v. Governor, federal class action suit successfully challenging prolonged solitary confinement, filed in 2012
Sassman v. Brown, federal suit successfully challenging gender discrimination against men in state’s Alternative Custody Program; received an Attorney of the Year (CLAY) award for extraordinary achievement in criminal justice in 2015
People v. Jacobs (California Court of Appeal 2000 published opinion), conviction reversed in Three Strikes burglary case due to prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective counsel and court error
Wade v. Terhune (9th Cir. 2000 published opinion), successful challenge to the standard of review used by California courts to consider racial discrimination in jury selection
People v. Blakeley (California Supreme Court 2000 published opinion), challenge to lack of involuntary manslaughter instruction based on imperfect self-defense
People v. Burnett (California Court of Appeal 1999 published opinion), conviction reversed in Three Strikes gun case for ineffective counsel in failing to object to trial on a felony not presented at the preliminary hearing

Recent Presentations:
“Preserving the Parental Rights of Incarcerated Parents,” California Public Defenders Association Seminar, Monterey, January 19, 2018
“Jury Trials in a Nutshell,” LAAC conference, Fresno, November 6, 2017
“Family Unity Issues for Immigrants at Risk of Deportation,” Family Law and Self-Help Conference, Los Angeles, July 24, 2017  
“Gender and Incarceration –Family Relationships and the Right to Be a Parent,” at the Symposium on Gender and Incarceration, Western New England University School of Law, Springfield, Massachusetts, October 14, 2016