Aila Ferguson

Staff Attorney

Phone: 415.625.7046
Twitter: ailaesq
Aila has worked on prison abolition, decarceration, and related social justice issues inside and outside of prison walls for several years. Prior to joining LSPC, Aila studied and worked in Los Angeles, developing a background in criminal fee and fine elimination, reentry, racial and economic justice issues, and Critical Theory. Aila taught Creative Writing to incarcerated children being tried as adults and has worked at various non-profit organizations in California, Alabama, and South Africa to free people and heal the trauma caused by the Prison Industrial Complex and related systems of oppression. Aila earned her BA from Occidental College, where she studied Critical Race Theory & Social Justice, and her JD from UCLA College of the Law, where she participated in the Epstein Public Interest Law & Policy Program and specialized in Critical Race Studies.
Criminal Fees Manual forthcoming 
YANCY PRESENTS: MELANIN, (Aila Ferguson, Terron Ferguson, Kelly Walters, Vivian Wong,  eds. 2018).
Anthology of written and visual art by and for women, particularly women of color, with the purposes of centering and maximizing their epistemological power and making social justice issues more accessible.
¡Edúcame! Violencia, Autoridad e Identidad en el Movimiento Estudiantil Actual (2011), Independent Study Project (ISP)
Ethnographic analysis of militarized leftist students and their chosen methods of protest (face masking) as it relates to Chile’s political history of disappearances and political violence.