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Mailing Address
Legal Services for Prisoners with Children
4400 Market Street
Oakland, CA 94608

(415) 255-7036

(415) 552-3150


Most staff member’s email address is their first name
(Except where noted)

For inquiries about:

Legal Manuals
carol (at)

Internship and Volunteer Opportunities
tina (at)

Scheduling for Dorsey Nunn
tina (at)

Media and Communications
mc (at)

All Other Comments or Inquiries
info (at)

Staff Phone Extensions

Dorsey Nunn, Executive Director
Ext. 312

Hamdiya Cooks, Administrative Director
Ext. 315

Azadeh Zohrabi, Development Director
Ext. 318

Sabina Crocette, Policy Manager
Ext. 329

Aaliyah Muhammad, Family Unity Project Coordinator
Ext. 330

Carol Strickman, Senior Staff Attorney
Ext. 324

Dauras Cyprian, AOUON Lead Organizer
Ext. 328

Sandra Johnson, AOUON Organizer
Ext. 311
sandraj (at)

Mark Fujiwara, Communications / Media Coordinator
Ext. 310
mc (at)

Tina Nunn, Office Manager
Ext. 301

Errol Veron, Program Manager
Ext. 321