LSPC on Street Soldiers Radio / KMEL!

LSPC Staff Attorney Brittany Stonesifer joins LSPC Executive Director & Co-Founder of All of Us or None Dorsey Nunn on Street Soldier Radio / KMEL to talk about how all of our Policy Advocacy, Fines & Fees work, and Litigation strategies improve the daily life of formerly incarcerated people & our families.

For example, Brittany’s work with the Back on the Road Coalition got Governor Brown to stop the suspension of drivers licenses for failure to pay fines, & got the DMV to restore 400,000 currently suspended drivers licences! Also, our Policy Advocacy work co-sponsoring AB 1008 (McCarty) The Fair Chance Act will extend Ban the Box policies to private employers, removing barriers to hiring for hundreds of thousands of Californians with conviction histories.

Thanks to Dr. Joseph Marshall and Alive & Free for hosting Dorsey & Brittany, & for allowing us to share our work with our communities.