Organizer, Comrade Umar Muhammad Killed in Accident

We at LSPC / All of Us or None mourn the loss of Forward Justice, FICPFM, & AOUON organizer Umar Muhammad, who was killed in a tragic traffic accident in Durham, NC.

Umar was 30 years old, and leaves behind his 2-month-old daughter and his partner.

LSPC Executive Director and AOUON co-founder Dorsey Nunn:

We’ve lost a young, gifted leader in Umar Muhammed, who took to organizing in a very deliberate and effective way. He will be sorely missed. His passion led him to fight for the full restoration of civil and human rights of formerly incarcerated people. It was a great honor to work with him. Sometimes you see a young organizer come along that truly fills you with pride, and it was inspiring to see Umar already picking up the torch to continue the struggle for social justice.

I remember him at the 2016 FICPFM National Conference in Oakland—now, we’ve distributed All of Us or None gear to many people across the country, but he walked in wearing an AOUON shirt that he had made himself. Even now, in the videos and photos accompanying the news of his passing, he’s wearing All of Us or None across his chest loud and proud. He organized and energized a vibrant AOUON chapter in North Carolina.

His death fills us with grief from one end of the nation to the other. There’s more than shock when a 30-year-old dies—in this case it was accompanied by tears and continuous grief. He leaves behind not only a host of friends, he leaves behind a 2-month-old baby who will have to find her way through this society without her father.

The last time I saw him, I gave him a blanket—a one-of-a-kind blanket, with the gold, clenched fist on it. I hope he wrapped his baby with that blanket. LSPC / All of Us or None committed to giving $1,000 to give to his child in Umar’s memory.

This accident forces us to look at our principles in a most intimate way, especially the principles of restorative justice. But it’s easier when Umar himself was so committed to those principles himself.

The funeral will take place in Durham, NC, in early August.