John Legend Speaks Out for Ban The Box Campaign

By Dorsey Nunn
We are proud to share a Ban the Box video made by singer John Legend, who has chosen to use his celebrity status to speak out against mass incarceration and in favor of community-generated solutions. His staff recognized that Ban the Box originated with All Of Us Or None, and so they contacted me. I told them about our national campaign for an executive order to Ban the Box.

I am extremely grateful to John Legend, not simply because he released this powerful video, but also because he recognized that this call comes from the heart and soul of our community. The Ban the Box campaign has our DNA all over it, and the voice we raised on this demand was our common voice.

We are also proud to share the op ed John Legend wrote in Time, titled “We Must Help Former Prisoners Get Jobs”. In the article he links to our Ban the Box campaign’s website, and makes the case for President Obama to use his executive order to Ban the Box now. He also joins us in encouraging Congress to make sure it passes legislation that really protects our rights.

So check out the video on his Let’s Free America website and also his op ed in Time magazine. The video links to our petition on, so please sign and share widely!