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Manual for Grandparent-Relative Caregivers and Their Advocates:
Dependency Proceedings
Getting a Child out of a Shelter
Visitation Rights of Grandparents
When Permanent Custody is Necessary
Foster Care
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Relative Caregivers Options Chart
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Relative Caregivers Options Chart

How can I figure out what is right for my situation?

Each family's situation is unique. This simplified chart is provided to help caregivers who are related to the child identify the most important considerations for your family.

Characteristics CalWORKS for relatives/No Guardianship Legal Guardianship for Relatives Foster Care For Relatives
Ease Only application for CalWORKS required More FormalRecommended if TRO is needed Most Formal, MostLegal Protection
Financial Assistance Basic Aid Basic Aid Higher Aid
Flexibility Very Flexible Modifiable by court Difficult to undo
Other services Some Some Most services
Security None Stable Stable
Cost None Some expense involved Some expense involved
Major Plus No court involvement Stable, modifiable situation Special services, higher aid benefit

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