Consultations: LSPC staff members are available to consult by phone or email with Qualified Legal Service Providers (QLSP’s) on a variety of topics.  Topics include legislative strategies, employment  issues of people with criminal convictions, custody and visitation issues for currently and formerly incarcerated people, medical issues of incarcerated people, rights of families to visit their incarcerated loved ones, etc.  Contact staff attorney Carol Strickman (415)625-7043 (x324) for more information.

Litigation: As a general rule, LSPC does not represent individuals in court.  Rather, LSPC engages in impact litigation, as counsel or co-counsel, and occasionally as a plaintiff.  Our recent cases are in the areas of voting rights and prison conditions.

Solitary Confinement: LSPC is co-counsel on a federal civil rights case challenging long-term solitary confinement at Pelican Bay State Prison.  This lawsuit is brought on behalf of clients of the Prison Law Office, a QLSP.

Amicus Briefs: LSPC is available to submit amicus briefs on behalf of QLSP clients which address areas of our expertise.  For example, we have submitted amicus briefs in dependency appeals of incarcerated parents.  We have also served as interested parties in amicus filings.

LSPC has also served as plaintiffs in areas, such as voting rights, where All Of Us Or None members have a vested interest in the issue.