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Legal Services for Prisoners with Children (LSPC)
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Prisoners With Children


An outline of the unique impacts on families and communities of the incarceration of mothers, and what happens to the mother/child relationship when a mother goes to prison

Case Studies

Experiences of incarcerated women with young children, pregnant women, and women whose parental rights have been terminated by the court

Relative Caregivers

A look at the prevalence and challenges of family members caring for children whose mothers are incarcerated

Child Support Debt

An overview of the barriers to reunification posed by child support debt accrued by incarcerated parents

Mother Infant Care program

The history of the California's Mother Infant Care program, which allows incarcerated mothers to raise their children while completing their sentences

Facts at a Glance

Statistics illustrating the impact of the incarceration of parents

Suggested Reading
Books, articles, and Web sites that offer more information and resources for prisoners with children and their loved ones

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